Woven Branches


Haunted by the cries of countless abandoned babies, I must choose, to take one home, or go to great expense, and emotional risk, to try once again to create our own. In 2000, while working with abandoned children in Serbia, and facing my own infertility as an adopted person, I, (personified by my conflicted character Jennifer), wrestle with choices around creating a family with my pragmatic husband Aaron.

We travel back to 1963 New York and find Sarah. A people pleasing social worker with an oft grouchy husband who is flummoxed by her timidity and neediness. Even more horrified by his mother’s predictable reaction to their plight, he acquiesces, out of duty. And then there’s Isabelle, a young woman, trying to appease her manipulative mother at their family theater camp, while sneaking around with the beguiling music director. Both women facing dilemmas that will change their lives, while discovering their parents deeply guarded secrets.  

WOVEN BRANCHES, an exploration of three families, wrestling with choices around obtaining, having and raising children. Diving into the back stories of three generations of Jewish women, we learn the tales of survival, that inform, inspire and stifle them.

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